What is WordPress Theme

What is WordPress Theme

What is WordPress theme, WordPress theme is a collection of templates and stylesheet which is used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress website, WordPress themes are pre-made templates which is created for ease of use, where user can simply choose their theme according to their website type.

Before knowing what is WordPress theme, firstly know about what is WordPress, WordPress is the easiest and most popular platform to start or create your own blog or website, WordPress powers “37.8%” of all the websites on the internet, WordPress has a very large amount of users because it is very easy to use and very friendly, in WordPress you can create a website just by drag and drop means no coding knowledgable person can also create a website in WordPress.

WordPress is open-source software built up with 2 programming languages PHP and MYSQL and it supports CSS frameworks, WordPress content management system licensed under GPLv2 which means any user can use or modify WordPress as they want to use or customize.

What types of WordPress websites can be made?

when WordPress was launched it was primarily a software to create or manage a blog or a single page landing website, but nowadays to thanks, the code core which changed WordPress as a massive ecosystem of themes and plugins now WordPress owns 37.8% personal blogs as well as the number of business websites.

In WordPress, you can create.

1. Business websites.
2. E-commerce websites.
3. Blogs.
4. Photography websites.
5. Portfolio.
6. News websites.
7. Forums.
8. Social networks.
9. Membership websites.
10. Jobs finders websites.
And anything else you can dream up. How to install WordPress in Cpanel

what is a WordPress theme?

What is WordPress Theme

WordPress theme is the collection of templates and stylesheet which are combined to define the appearance or design of a WordPress website, WordPress themes are the layout of the WordPress powered website means if you change a theme then all the layouts will be changed of the WordPress website and the function of a WordPress website also depends on the WordPress theme.

In simple words what is WordPress theme is also explained as the WordPress website appearance, widgets, function, and UI are dependent upon the WordPress theme which is the outer layout of the WordPress website it will directly or indirectly get affected by the WordPress themes.

How to choose a perfect theme?

What is WordPress Theme

You must decide the niche of your WordPress website you are going to make and then select your theme according to niche because every theme have their several functions according to their niche, so you must keep in mind before deciding your theme because the specific genre theme can maximize your output of what you are trying to create.

SEO is also the main factor to check before installing a theme if a theme you are going to install is SEO optimized or not and all-new coding rules were applied or not these can affect SEO and performance of your WordPress, if the theme is using too many resources like HTTPs request to the server for too many reasons then that theme will affect your SEO and website performance so you must check the theme you are going to install is SEO optimized or not.

The theme you choose must have a customizing option because no theme is perfect, it requires a little bit of edging and you also must check the theme source that it is hackproof or not and doesn’t have any loose ends, also make sure that the theme you are going to install also compatible with your plugins you are going to install, so later there it can’t create problems for you.

How to Change or Upload a WordPress theme?

WordPress themes can be managed or changed from WordPress admin dashboard under “Appearance”> theme, whether you can upload or choose your theme with ease or you can also directly upload to your WordPress directory in the themes folder.

There are so many free themes are pre-made and available at your WordPress dashboard or wordpress.org and you can also buy a premium theme but make sure to use GPL licensed theme or buy from legit vendor or developer because in the market there are so many hackers which are selling premium WordPress theme at low prices but they add their malware code which may lead to losing your sensitive data or your WordPress may get hacked so beware when using premium themes, you can also use WordPress free themes and customize it very easily.

WordPress theme is responsive?

What is WordPress Theme

Before installing must check that your WordPress theme is responsive or not because some of the themes are not responsive means that WordPress theme support all devices like mobile phones, tablets, and desktop because some themes are not responsive so you must check before installing and also use only responsive theme because it can affect your users and performance of your WordPress website.

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In this post we explained everything about what is WordPress theme so WordPress theme can dictate the look of your website as well as functioning so you must check once before installing on WordPress theme because it may affect your whole site.



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