13 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself

13 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself

Why not make a cartoon version of yourself if you don’t feel comfortable using real images as your internet profiles and avatars? Representing yourself in your online profiles in a cartoonish manner will be amusing and distinctive to others.

You don’t have to pay a cartoonist to create your illustrations when so many free web services are available. Simply upload your photo or perform some mix-and-matching to get started. Here are 13 websites that let you turn yourself into a cartoon character.

Everyone wants to see their cartoon face to choose which cartoon they correspond with. A similar fad that involves people using an app to create their old photos is currently spreading like wildfire. We identified the top websites for free online cartoon creation that enable you to design an attractive cartoon face according to your preferences.

Use these cartoon faces on your display profile if you don’t like the original picture. Fewer people do that, but many users will find it impressive as a novel concept. These websites can instantly turn you into a cartoon.

Many people pay freelancers to create their cartoons, but these fantastic websites for cartoon creation will enable you to do it without spending any money. There is no need to give someone any money at all. We will save money on making our cartoon faces because of these websites.

13 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself:

When you upload your photo, the websites will handle the rest. You don’t need special abilities or knowledge to produce these cartoon faces. After designing your cartoon faces, you can post them on Facebook and other social media platforms. Using these websites as a guide, let’s start drawing cartoon faces.

1. Cartoonify.de:

A simple web tool for making cartoon avatars is called Cartoonify. To add to your character, you can select from 300 different graphic elements, save your design as a PNG or SVG file, or post it to Gravatar. The website has a how-to section that will assist you in creating your character.

2. AI Cartoonizer:

AI Cartoonizer allows you to create cartoon versions of any photos. It enables you to instantly transform your face into cartoon, parody, or Disney-style characters. Additionally, iOS and Android users can access the tool. The generated characters are editable, and you may add text, frames, and extra effects.

3. Media.io:

A quick and free online tool for creating cartoon characters is called Meda.io. Simply start the process by uploading your photo, and you will soon have an intriguing image. You can add filters to your images, make caricatures out of them, and then share the characters with friends or post them on social media. You can convert your photos without creating an account, too.

4. VanceAI Toongineer:

An AI-powered program called VanceAI Toongineer quickly converts your regular images into cartoons. You may add creative touches and astonishing effects to your photographs. Because the produced photographs are of a good caliber, printing them is simple.

5. Image to Cartoon:

With a few clicks, Image to Cartoon lets you quickly transform your images into cartoon avatars. You can give your characters any intriguing physique (Batman, Superman, an aviator, etc.), a cool background, and have fun with it. The image you produce will be removed from the app after three hours, which is the finest part.

6. Bitmoji:

Utilizing Bitmoji, make cartoon characters that are original and lifelike. You must register for an account on the website before you can begin creating the ideal bitmoji with all of your unique qualities. Additionally, you may add the created bitmoji to iMessage, Gboard, or as a Chrome plugin to your browser and share them in any iOS or Android app.

7. Photokako:

Photokako, which calls itself one of the greatest online photo editors in Japan, enables you to apply various effects and characters to your images. Interestingly, the website offers a huge selection of effects and editing examples to choose the best for your images. Furthermore, it is free and very simple to use.

8. Avatar Maker:

You can use an avatar creator to design a unique avatar for yourself or your projects. Using an intriguing interface, you can add many features to your avatar, including hair, a face, eyes, clothes, and a backdrop. Your character is now available for download in SVG or PNG format.

9. Cutout.pro:

Your face or selfie images can be transformed into 3D cartoon characters with the AI-powered tool Cutout.pro. Drag & drop, upload, or paste the picture URL to cartoonize it automatically. Additionally, there are iOS and Android apps for the website.

10. Befunky Photo to Cartoon:

You can upload your photographs in PNG, JPG, or BDF format and have them transformed into cartoon characters using Befunky Photo to Cartoon. There are several editing tools for color adjustments, touch-ups, and adding text, images, and frames, among other things. Additionally, you can select from various pre-made effects and use them on your images.

11. Instructables craft:

The website includes comprehensive instructions on using Photoshop or Illustrator to create a sketch or cartoon of yourself. For best results, use Photoshop or Illustrator and possibly have some drawing experience.

12. Portrait Illustration Maker:

A free cartoon avatar maker is called Portrait Illustration Make. Simply click the “Randomizer” button, and the website will produce random avatars for you. By doing a right-click and choosing Save Image As from the context menu, you can save the Avatar image.

13. Pho.To:

This fantastic website can alter your face in addition to turning your landscape shot into a watercolor drawing. Simply upload your photo to the website to receive various facial expressions.


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