6 Great Android Games You Can Play on PC in 2022


When you wanted to pass the time while waiting in line or on your journey in the past, smartphone games were the ideal straightforward diversion. The majority of these games had simple controls and engaging core gameplay loops. Because of ongoing development, we now have novel takes on established genres. Even now, businesses are figuring out how to improve performance to provide some of the greatest mobile gaming phones.

Some incredible games are available right now that include graphics that are as good as those seen in PC games on mobile devices. In actuality, the transition of mobile games to PC was inevitable. So if you enjoy playing fantastic Android games, you’ll enjoy playing mobile games on a PC. There are no boundaries!

1. Punch Club:

This 2D brawler follows a want to be a martial artist in the vein of a Rocky movie from the 1980s, but there are no training montages; you have to bulk the traditional way. Punch Club’s gameplay includes RPG life simulation elements like proper nutrition and regular exercise to develop your character as a martial artist. The brawls occur in various pixel art-styled streets and arenas, which look fantastic on PC and much better on Android.

Utilizing your available special techniques to gain an advantage in battle, the fight is a competent and severe 2D brawler. The RPG gameplay gives street fighting a special mundaneness. The game transforms the less interesting elements of this kind of narrative, such as money, nutrition, and employment, into fun gameplay. Punch Club (available on Steam) is a strong candidate to keep you satisfied if aggressive RPG gameplay is your thing, provided you never get sick of 80s pop culture allusions.

2. Downwell:

Downwell is a fun rogue-lite that drops you right into a well and has a black-and-white color scheme reminiscent of Undertale. Players must descend at all costs while using unconventional yet incredibly potent gun shoes to obliterate rocks and foes. Your guns blast downward with thrilling percussion and deadly efficiency during gameplay, which is simple in the best possible way. Additionally, presumably, everything beneath you deserves it. As you descend, you’ll come across side caverns with varying upgrades, such as enhanced health or firepower, before returning to the battle.

Downwell (on Steam) prioritizes gameplay engagement over the story, making traveling down seem naturally pleasant and enhancing the game’s charming destruction. The random upgrading mechanism offers much replay value, and the PC version lets you precisely control your runs.

3. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition:

The main loop of Hitman GO Definitive Edition (available on Steam) might surprise you, given the reputation of the Hitman franchise for harsh stealth gameplay and gun-toting combat. The Monopoly look is quite disarming if one is familiar with the series, but ironically, the fundamentals of the original Hitman gameplay have not changed.

You must choose carefully who to kill first because you are intended to assassinate covertly. The challenge is to map out the best path around the board while eliminating each of your targets, which are stationary chess pieces. This turns oddly interesting and demonstrates how enjoyable Hitman gameplay can be when simplified.

4. Riptide: GP Renegade:

This game required the PC platform. A fascinating future scenario is the backdrop for the third-person jet-sky racing Riptide GP Renegade (available on Steam). Unsurprisingly, the plot is less interesting than the gameplay. Most of your time will be spent racing through urban settings and recalling your first experience playing a racing arcade game. You compete in races where you must ride across the water and pull off stunts to earn more points. You can customize your vehicle’s parts to increase speed, maneuverability, and style.

The PC upgrade is a tremendous improvement for the larger screen, especially given how frequently the game takes abrupt twists. The game looks amazing on Android, and playing it on a PC only improves that. Riptide GP Renegade doesn’t take shortcuts if racing video games are your thing.

5. Levelhead:

Levelhead (on Steam) is a humorous, fast-paced puzzle platformer that will suit your needs. Players must deliver packages as a test for a robot prototype created for a galactic postal service. While exploring vibrant alien environments, players can bounce on enemies’ skulls in Mario-style combat and movement mechanics. I hope there isn’t anything delicate inside. Levelhead delivers if you’re seeking something to take the place of Super Meat Boy in your life. Literally.

6. ScourgeBringer:

A fun, difficult Metroidvania that combines rogue-like gameplay with the genre’s conventional exploration. On Steam, the player assumes the character of the ScourgeBringer, a hero exploring a fallen artifact’s interior. Sword combinations that are both powerful and fashionable are used in combat, along with gunplay. Both worlds are at their best.

The player is encouraged to rush through to the end by the small tension between the rogue-like aspects and the Metroidvania-level design. Health can be readily lost and only occasionally comes back, discouraging in-depth investigation. But if Blasphemous’ severe gameplay charms you, ScourgeBringer will satisfy the same craving.

A new era of mobile gaming evolution:

These are just a few of the fantastic mobile games available right now on PC. Simply choose your genre and add creative mobile gaming flair to your Steam library. Both platforms encourage creativity, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of genre representation.

Many fantastic anime Android games can be played on a PC, for instance, if you enjoy anime. Simply choose your genre and add creative mobile gaming flair to your Steam library.


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