7 Best Android Auto Apps in 2022

7 Best Android Auto Apps in 2022

One of the Google initiatives that frequently gets little attention, especially compared to Apple CarPlay, is Android Auto. As a result, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the top Android Auto applications.

What you’ll need to get on the road:

The names of Google’s several car platforms are close enough to be confusing. Although Android Automotive is currently supported by most vehicles, it is anticipated to gain popularity over the next few years. Android Auto takes advantage of the infotainment system in your car to show mobile applications that improve the ease, safety, and enjoyment of your journey.

For Android users, the UI of Android Auto will come naturally. Simply use a reliable USB connection to connect your Android device to the charging port on your car, then follow the on-screen instructions. Once the system is configured, you may use the shortcuts on your steering wheel to answer calls, request turn-by-turn instructions, and even listen to incoming messages.

Google Maps:

Given that it is on a billion devices, Google Maps is undoubtedly the most frequently used app for Android Auto. No matter where you are, it is one of the most precise and effective mapping apps that offers turn-by-turn directions. Simply utter the name of a business or an address into the voice search button on your steering wheel, and your car’s display will display all pertinent information.

There is no requirement for a subscription, and it is frequently updated. With such a large user base and excellent driving directions that few rivals can match, Maps is the top choice for Android Auto users. Additionally, the map responds to illumination, offering light and dark themes and switching between them when you approach a tunnel, for example. Maps are an obvious option for in-car navigation for anyone using Android Auto. Waze is also excellent (thus why it is included on the list), but Maps offers much more functionality, such as offline support.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly one of the most popular options among all messaging apps. Voice commands can be used to create messages, and you can also hear them read aloud. By doing this, users may drive safely and hands-free, focusing their attention solely on the road. Therefore, if you’re a texting fiend who spends a lot of time conversing on Facebook Messenger, you can rest easy knowing that the Android app is compatible with Android Auto.

Scanner Radio – Police Scanner:

While listening to emergency service scanners while driving can help you avoid accidents, it may not be for everyone to do so regularly at home. You can listen to your city’s emergency scanners to keep an eye out for problems blocking the roads rather than depending on Waze users to report problems on the road.

Even if you’re not looking for delays at the source, listening to a local scanner while driving keeps you up to date with your city’s emergencies; listening to emergency scanners is advantageous for individuals who spend their days working on the road. If you’re like that kind of stuff, that is.

Autovaras: Android car assistant:

While there are occasionally few options for auto-focused apps for Android Auto, depending on what you’re searching for, Autovaras stands out because of its expiry date tracking. This vital information will always be visible to you, ensuring you don’t forget any deadlines that could jeopardize your license.

Autovaras might be a straightforward release, but it is useful. You can download the program for nothing because it has no costs.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts:

Spotify is unquestionably a top option if you’re searching for a single program that can play your favorite podcasts and songs. It has a big collection, and even the young podcast section is expanding rapidly. A few shows are exclusive to the service. There is something to be said about carrying your music collection with you everywhere, especially since you can access that library pretty much anywhere, even though exclusivity is rarely good for customers since it eliminates competition from the market. You may now listen to music hands-free while driving when combined with Google’s voice commands.

Additionally, if you don’t mind a few commercials running between songs and podcasts, you don’t need to pay for Spotify’s premium service. Spotify is a very user-friendly streaming service that is excellent with Android Auto.


Several of texting apps are available, and several integrate with Google Assistant and Android Auto. Telegram is the one that regularly sticks out. There is no need for a web app because sending messages is quick, everything is secured, all content is synced across your entire account (so you can continue where you left off when switching from PC to Android), and you may remove your messages at any moment. Additionally, the software is updated frequently.

There’s a lot to appreciate about this, and you can easily drive hands-free thanks to Telegram’s compatibility with Google Assistant and Android Auto.

Audible: audiobooks and podcasts:

For all of you who enjoy audiobooks, here is one for you. It’s a fantastic idea to listen to an audiobook while driving, and now that Audible is compatible with Android Auto, you can do it easily.

The collection of audiobooks is excellent because Amazon owns Audible. Additionally, the app provides podcasts (a worry for some since conglomerates buying up shows will result in them controlling what used to be an open market). On the Amazon shop, you can also buy audiobooks that come with your e-books, which is a terrific way to save money on Kindle and Audible purchases. The best part is that Audible has useful features that make it simple to resume where you left off and to repeat anything you missed while preoccupied. It’s a fantastic option for listening while traveling.


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