Best cooking and recipe apps on Android in 2022

Best cooking and recipe apps on Android in 2022

Finding quality recipes might be difficult. How frequently have you printed out a recipe and either misplaced it or unintentionally disposed of it? Have you ever saved a recipe in your browser only to completely forget about it?

The multiple paragraphs you must go through before finding the recipe when looking for recipes online is the worst and most aggravating thing. A “Jump to Recipe” link or button is now being used by several websites, which is always appreciated. However, unlike cooking and recipe apps, most websites don’t offer many more integrated functions.

AP has compiled the best meals and recipes to make things simple and provide you with ideas for every mealtime. Let’s get going.


This software’s primary function is to locate recipes using a list of ingredients. SuperCook will provide you with a list of recipes utilizing only those components after you enter the ingredients you have on hand. The app will display recipes employing additional ingredients if your list is too small or contains strange ingredients that don’t necessarily go together. You can include any that are missing on the built-in shopping list. Additionally, the Favorites page contains any recipes that have been loved in the app.

Filters for recipes include meal type, cuisine, diet, rating, time, and other criteria. You can pick from 20 cuisines, including Thai, French, Asian, Caribbean, and Australian. Using the diet option, you can view vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free recipes. SuperCook is a fantastic tool for unleashing your creative side, and contributing to reducing food waste, and is free to use and ad-free. Your family will be impressed by the 11 million recipes and more than 2000 ingredients you may find in their database.


This program allows you to cleanly store an unlimited amount of recipes from any website, group them into collections, and include them in weekly meal planning. Although having an account is not necessary, you’ll need to do so if you want to back up your recipes and access them from different devices. Although Stashcook is free and ad-free, upgrading to the premium version will grant access to more features, including synced recipes, meal planning, shopping lists, and nutritional analyses.

You can save recipes by pasting the actual recipe URL into the app or sharing them using the Share menu. You can use the app’s built-in web browser to look up and save recipes if you have a premium account. One of the best features of Stashcook is the ability to organize your recipes into collections by kind, diet, spending limit, and other criteria. The built-in shopping list makes adding items to recipes simple and quick. It’s obvious why this software is popular.


Allrecipes was introduced more than ten years ago and is very popular. Although the app is free, it contains unobtrusive advertisements. Because it is community-driven, you may read public evaluations and see recipes from contributors worldwide. You’ll frequently find useful advice in the review area, such as suggested substitutions or measurement adjustments. Although not required, creating an account is advised so you may get personalized feed recommendations based on the recipes you’ve favored.

Each ingredient in every recipe has a plus sign (+) next to it, so you can quickly add it to the built-in shopping list. You can, however, also include them all at once. A novel way to find recipes is the “dinner spinner” feature. You can narrow your search by dish type, ingredient (you can only select one), and anticipated readiness time. Simply shake your phone to automatically randomize each selection if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Then, you can order the recipes based on relevance, rating, or popularity. The search for the ideal food has never been simpler!


This program, like Stashcook, enables direct link recipe saving from any website. You can look for recipes that other people have saved. Whisk is ad-free and available at no charge. The in-app browser will occasionally take you to the actual recipe, though. You can join one of the many already-established communities or start your own with the help of its Communities feature. They’re ideal for posting bespoke recipes to share with the other members, asking questions, and adding any saved recipes. You can essentially create a collaborative recipe book and meal planning with your family and friends because communities can be private.

When filtering recipes, there are numerous options under cuisine, meal type, and diet. You may find recipes for 32 cuisines, including Canadian, Indian, Moroccan, and Vietnamese. This is the spot to eliminate dishes that won’t work for your diet if you’re on one or more. Naturally, Whisk offers the typical options, like vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, keto, gluten-free, and paleo. However, six other diets are available: the Mediterranean, dairy-free, Lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, and ovo-lacto-vegetarian.

Whisk continues after that. Additionally, they have joined several supermarkets to send any missing ingredients to your house. The availability of stores depends on location. Once you’ve added everything to your shopping list, you may use the app to initiate the checkout process. You can finish the checkout procedure after being directed to your favorite store (as specified in your preferences). Talk about a comprehensive recipe app.

Kitchen Stories:

Because it has thousands of recipes, cooking tutorial videos, and food articles, this app is perfect for those wishing to improve their culinary skills. You can publish private recipes to share with the Kitchen Stories community with a free, ad-supported account. You can read recipe reviews and contribute your own, just like Allrecipes. Additionally, there are options for saving and liking recipes for quick access. To organize your stored recipes, you may quickly create cookbooks similar to Stashcook’s collections.

Using the built-in search, you may narrow down your results by difficulty level, occasion, category, diet, cuisine, major components (you can select more than one), and more. You can select one or more of the eight selections listed under cuisine, including Middle Eastern and European options.


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