Best Google Pixel Watch Features You Need to Try

Best Google Pixel Watch Features You Need to Try

Although Wear OS has existed since March 2014 in various incarnations, a Google-produced wearable has never run the operating system. With the introduction of the eagerly anticipated Google Pixel Watch, that has since changed. One of the greatest Android smartwatches available, the Google Pixel Watch boasts several features that will appeal to any Android user. The top features of your new Pixel Watch are listed below.

1. With the Pixel Watch, you can wear Google Assistant:

One of the top virtual assistants on the market is Google Assistant. Google Assistant is always with you when you wear the Google Pixel Watch because it is worn on your wrist. Although Google Assistant is useful on your phone or house speakers, having it on your wrist is more practical. You no longer need to remove your phone from your pocket or go to a location where your speaker can hear you. Lift your wrist to engage the helper, then simply begin speaking.

You get assistance from Google Assistant for daily tasks. It can do anything you ask, including responding to questions, sending texts, and turning on smart lights. When you have the powerful Google Assistant on your wrist, you can leave your phone in your pocket more frequently while still getting a lot done.

2. Since the Google Pixel Watch supports tap-to-pay, there’s no need to take out your wallet:

Today, many payments are made electronically rather than with currency or credit cards. Since most people always have their phones, tap-to-pay has been widely used. You may tap to pay on the Google Pixel Watch without using your phone. Simply set up Google Wallet and tap your watch to complete a transaction. Use your smartwatch instead of frantically dashing back to your car if you forget your money or phone.

3. Deep Fitbit integration can only be found in Google’s wristwatch.

Google used Fitbit services in its first wearable in January 2021, following the acquisition of Fitbit. Fitbit is an essential component of the Pixel Watch, so you always have access to fitness and well-being data. Accurate heart rate measurements are made possible by the heart rate sensor and machine learning-based system. These measurements provide information on various parameters, including active zone minutes, sleep monitoring, and exercise monitoring.

You may check your heartbeat for AFib with the ECG app that comes with the Pixel Watch. You can check your sleep score each morning using the Sleep Tracking tools to see how well you slept. Along with details on long-term sleep trends, there is a breakdown of your sleep cycle. More than 40 pre-set workouts are available for you to choose from when working out. You receive a readiness score each morning to indicate how much your body can handle.

The addition of many fantastic features by Fitbit’s integration makes it possible for everyone to be prepared to live their best lives.

4. Ships of the Pixel Watch Google’s unique OS approach in Wear 3.5:

With only Samsung and high-end watches supporting Wear OS until this point, Wear OS 3.0 represented a significant advancement. With the introduction of the Pixel Watch, there is now a second watch on which Wear OS may be used. The 3.5 update adds some Google-specific magic. You can quickly and easily acquire the information you need with the new Wear OS experience. You can swipe over each tile in its tile-based user interface to find what you’re looking for. You can access the app to learn more by tapping a tile.

Additionally accessible with a swipe are quick settings and notifications. Lift your wrist when you hear a buzz to view the notification with it. Swipe up to view all notifications. As with quick settings on an Android phone, swipe down to reveal the settings shade. Several buttons enable quick access to settings or special modes.

5. You can access Google Maps directions on your wrist:

Getting directions is necessary, but it is laborious and irritating to hold your phone in front of you as you drive. From your wrist, the Google Pixel Watch can provide directions. You can view turn-by-turn directions on your watch while riding, driving, or strolling without pulling out your phone. Using Google Assistant or the app, you may ask for directions. To view what’s nearby, you may also scroll the map.

All you require is a flick of the wrist:

The Google Pixel Watch is officially available after years of rumors. With the Pixel Watch, you can perform many necessary tasks without pulling out your phone or speaking to a smart speaker. Although we haven’t finished testing Google’s wearable, you may read our initial impressions of the Pixel Watch.


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