Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android in 2022

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android in 2022

We rely on external assistance from apps because maintaining fitness goals and developing healthy habits for a better lifestyle isn’t always simple. So to help you get started, we reviewed some of the top Android fitness and health applications you can connect to your preferred smartwatch. With the aid of some useful applications, it’s time to stop lying to yourself and take charge of your fitness and health. Let’s start now.

Google Fit:

Nearly no app does it better than Google Fit when it comes to providing a clearer picture of your general health, calculating calories burned, using GPS to record your walks and runs, and monitoring your heart rate over time. Google Fit is one of the most comprehensive options in the Android ecosystem and is not simply the default fitness monitoring option on Wear OS devices. The software tracks how many full minutes you spend moving throughout the day using a novel “move minutes” tracking system. Additionally, it deducts “heart points,” which are credited for harder workouts like brisk walking, running, etc.

Fit also records the number of steps you take, the distance you go, and the calories you burn. Additionally, it monitors your heart rate, weight, and amount of slumber.


Created by Azumio, the company behind Sleep Time and Instant Heart Rate, two other well-known fitness apps. Argus users can track their weight over time, daily caloric expenditure, distance traveled, and other data. The variety of fitness services and technology that Argus can connect to, like the Garmin app, Dexcom glucose meters, Strava, and Google Fit, gives it great versatility.


The hybrid app Strava encourages users to share their activities and advancement with other Strava users by fusing its fitness roots with a distinctive social networking component. Regarding fitness, the app uses GPS to track swims, bike rides, walks, and runs. Users can locate local fitness events, user-generated challenges, and more using the Explore page provided. Users can also create weekly and yearly goals to stay motivated over time. Users are encouraged to interact socially by adding information to their activity feeds (similar to Facebook) and even engaging in friendly competition.

Nike Run Club:

With an emphasis on walking and running, the Nike Run Club app is similar to Strava in that you rely on it to track your steps for your activities. Users can download free guided runs, participate in long-term coached training programs, and map their walks and runs using the GPS on their devices. Nike Run Club is the best app for you if you’re seeking another one that encourages your progress and offers to coach.

Walk with Map My Walk:

Map-Aided Walking You may customize your training routines with the My Walk app, get coaching advice, and participate in community challenges. Whether you work out at home or on a regular path, the app is flexible. You can upgrade to the MVP premium tier if you want more tools for your training plans and individualized coaching. You can link it with various wearables and apps, including Google Fit, Garmin, and Android Wear.

7-Minute Workout:

It’s understandable if you don’t always have time for a lengthy workout session, but there’s no need to feel bad about not raising your heart rate. The HICT (high-intensity circuit training) method is used in the 7-Minute Workout app to get your heart pumping for the day. You can access 12 workouts with each in less than a minute using the Google Fit-compatible app; all you need is a chair and a wall, making it ideal for use at home or work.

Sleep as Android:

Maintaining your sleep schedule will help you exercise more effectively, feel better mentally, and lower your risk of contracting ailments. Sleep As Android is one of the most well-known sleep-tracking applications. It has a sizable user base in addition to winning Google’s renowned Editor’s choice award.

The app offers an alarm feature that may wake users with a moderate wrist vibration and/or various unique sounds. It can also provide nightly statistics on sleep quality and track sleep trends over time. Once sufficient data has been gathered, Sleep As Android can also offer a sleep score to users, letting them know how rested they are over time.

My Fitness Pal:

You cannot neglect your eating habits if you want to get fit and live a better lifestyle. Understanding how many calories you consume daily will help you establish a daily exercise schedule and correct unhealthy snacking behaviors. My Fitness Pal is one of our preferred calorie-counting applications. By checking a food library, scanning a barcode, and allowing you to manually enter food items you’re going to digest, My Fitness Pal keeps track of exactly what you’re consuming. Additionally, you can program notifications as daily reminders to record your meals on the app. If tracking your eating habits isn’t enough to keep you motivated, My Fitness Pal also shows you how to make healthier meals and maintain social connections.


Even though My Fitness Pal is the best all-in-one meal tracking app, you could prefer a straightforward and cost-free (no premium membership is required) calorie counter, such as the one provided by FatSecret. You get access to a journal, a calendar, and a photo album to track all your progress. Like My Fitness Pal, you can still scan barcodes on merchandise and use image recognition to log your meals. No matter what primary health app you use, FatSecret also supports connection with Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit, so you won’t have to worry about losing your records!


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