Cool Tools Professional Designers Are Using

Cool Tools Professional Designers Are Using

If you thought being a doctor was difficult, wait till you meet being a designer. No matter a designer’s design discipline, they all have to manage genuine design work, client service, project pitches, billing, and personal organization.

Therefore, you need to rely on helpful tools that make your life simple when life presents you with various projects, conflicting deadlines, and sharp time management. This is a collection of professional helpful resources that designers worldwide use professionally. You can check out each product to discover which will help you better organize your life, from team management tools to design resources.


Whether managing a small or large, dispersed workforce of two or more, is an excellent choice. is very well-liked by non-technical teams and users because of how simple it is and how it can increase productivity and foster transparency. More than 20,000 teams and businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, use this team management application.

2. Mobirise:

You have the benefit of having complete control over your site-building activities with Mobirise because it is an offline builder, including the option to choose where and how your product will be hosted. Since Mobirise only supports drag-and-drop, coding is not necessary. The best part is that you may use this excellent website builder for free for both personal and business needs.

900 premium and 300 free, eye-catching website blocks and layouts are available. A sizable collection of 7,000 icons, 850 Google fonts, and 300,000 free photos are all included in the package. Your sites will load quickly and be optimized for mobile devices thanks to Mobirise’s use of Bootstrap or Google AMP. It’s perfect for creating portfolios, small to medium websites, and promotional websites. Using Mobirise, more than 1.5 million websites have been made.

3. Elementor:

Elementor is a free, open-source WordPress website and page builder praised for its efficiency, adaptability to any template or WP theme, library of sophisticated, reusable templates, and a simple, no-code way to create websites. Elementor is a favorite tool among developers as well.

You may anticipate immediate results from the front-end design work you undertake and complete freedom and creativity to modify layouts and choose the design features you require. When using Elementor, you may anticipate more streamlined and rapid design workflows. The Menu Builder, a Visual Form Builder, Form Integrations, and Custom CSS are among its most well-liked features.

Elementor 2.0 now has even more intriguing and practical features. Throughout 2022, the sophisticated WooCommerce shop design controls, Blocks, Header, Footer, and another new version 2.0 capabilities will be gradually implemented.

4. Mason:

Mason allows you to control all of your front-end building and editing tasks remotely and without writing any code. Mason does more than simply serve as a practical design tool; it also makes it much simpler for you to work together to create and support actual products.

You don’t need to go through an additional design/development cycle each time a change is requested, regardless of whether your products are deployed or in use. Before or after product deployment, you can authorize and permit modifications using Mason’s login and registration tools.

As a result, you have total strategic control over the creation and upkeep of your products. Any feature you create with Mason seamlessly integrates with an existing website or app’s design or aesthetic.

These features are pre-coded content blocks that offer answers to typical requirements. They are designed to provide a perfect user interface and make it simple for team members to work together and develop your product. With Mason, you should be able to meet your clients’ demands more swiftly and get your deliverables in front of them more promptly.

5. A2’s Fully-managed WordPress Hosting:

It takes time and effort to locate the precise hosting provider you require. A2 hosting provides quick, secure, scalable, optimized, and completely managed services. Easy site staging, lightning-fast hosting (20X faster than most rival services), automatic backups and WordPress updates to keep you current, and a free CDN are all included.

In the odd event that you’re unsatisfied, A2 gives a money-back guarantee, and you can anticipate 24/7 support.

6. Goodiewebsite:

Web designers and business owners can connect with a development team that provides affordable coding services at a competitive price through Goodiewebsite. The services of the Goodie website are particularly well suited for design-to-code conversions or small to midsize WordPress sites. Prices start at $999, and the final product’s quality is promised.

7. Houzez:

All the essential features a realtor would typically expect are available on a website designed by Houzez, including radius and advanced property search, search composer, geolocation, payment and membership systems, and more.

Using its property management system, you may administer a real estate marketplace, organize your agents, and accept entries. You can add custom fields to Houzez’s custom fields builder to show any information your business model requires. Additionally, their customer service is excellent and effective.

8. The Hanger:

The Hanger, which has the apt name of “The Hanger,” is the perfect WooCommerce theme for those looking to create a modern-classic online business. With The Hanger, creating a unique website that matches the retailer’s and the product’s brands is simple. The Hanger is simple to install, and you can always count on helpful and trustworthy service.

9. LayerSlider:

With the help of this high-end, multifunctional platform, you may master not only the art of creating eye-catching sliders but also spectacular slideshows or image galleries, animated page blocks, landing pages, and even entire websites. Its advantages include responsiveness, SEO friendliness, hand-crafted templates, a visual drag-and-drop editor, lifetime updates, and first-rate support. LayerSlider also offers a multitude of flexible layout possibilities.


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