How to Change WordPress Font

How to Change Wordpress Font

How to change WordPress font in WordPress websites, fonts can make your website more beautiful if you know how to change the font in WordPress then you can make your website look more attractive, modern, professional, and branded, there are so many methods of changing fonts in WordPress website in this post we will discuss those methods.

You can make your website more beautiful by not only changing font you also must know to choose the right font for your design then only you can make it professional but if you choose a font that doesn’t suit your design then it will affect the users of your website.

In this post, you will know how to change WordPress font in several options because there are many methods of changing the font in a WordPress website you need to pick the easiest one for you.

How to change the WordPress font

Yes, you can change your WordPress fonts by so many methods and you can change it very easily from all methods so let’s get started.

1. Edit Theme Stylesheet

There are a couple of methods to change theme style fonts but the very first method is you can change your WordPress font directly by editing your stylesheet, navigating to Appearance> Theme editor or editor then searching or finding stylesheet.css file and editing the stylesheet the search or find for the font family in the body tag and replace the font name with the new one and hit save.

You can also edit your theme stylesheet from the WordPress directory, open your WordPress directory and navigate to wp content> themes> your active theme> style.css and open it in the code editor and replace the font name with the new font name which you want to add to your WordPress website then hit save.

2. How to change WordPress font from theme customizer

This is also a very easy method but some theme doesn’t support this feature to change your WordPress fonts maximum themes support this feature, navigate to Appearance>customize and search or find for font option you can add directly to an additional CSS option and add font-family “your font name”.

This is an improved method of editing the theme stylesheet because we are not changing the original theme files if you are new to coding then this method is recommended to you.

3. How to change WordPress font from the theme panel.

Some themes also provide of changing font option from the theme panel but some themes don’t provide a theme panel they can try other methods, “Newspaper” theme supports the theme panel and from the theme panel, you can change WordPress font very easily and from theme panel, you can also change font size and other theme settings.

How to change WordPress font using plugins.

If you don’t characterize yourself as a professional coder then don’t mess with the codes you can simply change your WordPress fonts very easily with the help of plugins, you can try any plugin.

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1. Easy Google Fonts

In google directory, they have a huge collection of fonts, and easy google fonts are the simplest and easy way to add custom google fonts to your WordPress website without coding, Easy Google Fonts integrates with WordPress theme customizer so you can preview google fonts on your website live.

This plugin takes full control of your theme typography in any WordPress theme and it also allows you to choose more than 600+ google fonts to insert into your website, Easy Google Fonts plugin has a 4.5 Rating and more than Three lakhs active installation you can download and install it from here Easy Google Fonts.

2. Wp Google Fonts

If the easy google fonts won’t work for you then you try Wp google fonts, this plugin makes it even easier than how to changing WordPress font.

The wp google fonts plugin is an amazing rise of resources and this has made this plugin popular among all right now google directory has hundreds of great fonts and new fonts are added regularly, this plugin has four-star and more than one lakhs active installations you can simply install this plugin by Appearance > plugins and search for add new plugins section from WordPress admin dashboard or you can download it from here Wp Google Fonts

3. Use Any Font

You can also try this “Use Any Font” plugin if the above plugins won’t work for you with this plugin, you can use any font on the web not only google directory font but literally any font available on the web.

Using any font plugin gives you the freedom to use any font on your website, not like other plugins they only allow you to use their directory font which gives you a countable number of fonts to select from embed services which give you an uncountable number of fonts, use any plugin is easy to use and easy to set up and no coding or rocket science knowledge is needed, you must try this plugin if you are worried about how to change WordPress font you can download it from here Use Any Font

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In this post, we have explained to you how to change WordPress font by many methods like you can do it manually by editing the stylesheet or you can change it from the theme panel or you can use any plugin which is suitable for you, hope you understand that how to change WordPress font.


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