How to install WordPress in Cpanel

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

How to install WordPress in Cpanel? WordPress is the easiest and most popular way to create your own blog or website, WordPress powers 37.8 % of all the websites on the internet means more than 3 in 10 websites are powered by WordPress, it is an open-source website creation platform it runs on 2 programming languages PHP and MySQL databases.

Requirements to install WordPress in 3 Cpanel?

1. A domain name eg.
2. web hosting that supports C panel, PHP, and MySQL database.
3. Cpanel username and password.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

There are two ways to install WordPress in Cpanel, the first is an automated installer method and another is a manual method, you can install WordPress in both ways very easily, so let’s get started.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel using softaculous (Automated method).

In this Automated Method, you will easily know How to install WordPress in Cpanel using the Cpanel script installer

Step 1:Login to your Cpanel account.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Login to your Cpanel account by direct URL if this domain is your primary domain at your Hosting service or you can direct login from your hosting provider’s account, Then enter your “username” and “password” which you received from your hosting provider when you purchased your hosting service if you have done login to your Cpanel account then go to the next step.

Step 2: Search or find a softaculous Apps installer.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Search or find Softclous Apps installer in your Cpanel dashboard (if you can’t find softaculous in your dashboard then go for the manual method for installing Cpanel), In the Cpanel dashboard find the script installer or search in the find function search box “softaculous” the script installer will be shown below showing all apps that Cpanel script supports, locate WordPress and click on WordPress icon and proceed for step 3.

Step 3: Enter your Domain name and choose your protocol.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Then a screen will show a description of the WordPress version you are going to install on your website, click on the “install” button then it will show you the software setup page, then you will get confused that what is protocol so don’t worry if you have SSL Certificate on your domain then choose https://www and if SSL is not installed in your domain then choose http://www, Don’t worry later you can install your SSL certificate and you can change your protocol in one click, then enter your domain name “” and leave the “Directory” blank unless you are not installing a subdomain.

Step 4: Fill in the WordPress Website details.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Enter the name of your website description which will later be shown on google search engine page, then enter your admin “username” it can be anything but remember it will be used as your login id to your WordPress admin panel, then fill your admin “password” which will be used later as login password of WordPress dashboard,

Then enter your “email” this will be used for resetting the password of your WordPress admin panel, then select your preferred language and scroll down below it will ask you to choose themes and plugins (this is optional), you can select or leave you can install your themes and plugin later, check-box for email my installation details and click on install button, then softaculous app installer will verify your submitted data and install WordPress on your website it will take few minutes.

Step 5: Check the installation.

After installation, you will be taken to the congratulation screen and it will show you your login details which were filled by you earlier then check your installation by logging into your WordPress website by URL “” enter your details and it will take you to your WordPress dashboard.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel manually.

Installing WordPress manually is also an easy process and in the manual method, you will be able to know all about your website details of Database username and password so let’s get started where you will know How to install WordPress in Cpanel.

Step 1: Log in to your Cpanel account.

Login to your Cpanel account with the direct URL “” or from your hosting provider’s service list, when you confirm login refer to the below steps.

Step 2: Download WordPress package.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Download the WordPress package from you also choose the WordPress version you want to install(download zip file) when the download is completed then go for the next step.

Step 3: Find or Search “File Manager” in Cpanel.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Search or find file manager in Cpanel, the file manager will open in a new tab, then go “public_html” delete all items in “public_html” if you are installing WordPress the first time unless not installing for subdomains.

Step 4: Upload WordPress to File Manager.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Upload the WordPress zip file which was downloaded on step 2 by clicking on the upload button, when the file is uploaded and the status bar turns green then reload your file manager after that right-click on your uploaded zip file and extract the file after extraction deletes the uploaded zip file and open “WordPress” folder then select all and move all to “public_html” and delete the empty folder “WordPress”.

Step 5: Create an MYSQL Database.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Find “MYSQL Databases” in the Cpanel dashboard or search in the search function text box “MYSQL Databases” then create a database you can name it anything then click on create the database you can name it anything then click on create database then scroll down below and find “MYSQL user” where you can add new user, fill your “username” and “password” and click on create user then scroll below and find add a user to a database and select the database and user and click on “Add” button then check on “All Privileges” and scroll down and click make changes.

Step 6: Connect your Database to WordPress.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

After doing all the above steps go to the URL “” then you will see the WordPress setup wizard then click on “Let’s go” then fill your “database name” which we created in step 4, fill your database name, database username, and database password and click on submit.

Step 7: Final Installation.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel

Click on Run Installation to begin the setup process, then enter your website title which you want, and fill in your username(login id) and password make sure your username and password are strong which can later be used to log in to your WordPress dashboard then enter your e-mail and “uncheck” search engine visibility and click on install WordPress.

Step 8: Check your Installation.

check your login to the WordPress dashboard by clicking on the login or URL “”.


How to install WordPress in Cpanel is a very easy process which is explained step by step to you, Hope you like our post so please subscribe and do like share for every update, now you can customize your WordPress website as you want by adding Themes and plugins.


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