How to install WordPress on localhost


How to install WordPress on localhost you can do that by following Very simple steps, you can install WordPress on localhost using Wamp and Xamp servers.

What is WordPress?

What is an open-source CMS software which allows users to create a website very easily almost 4 on 10 websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.
WordPress is the easiest platform to create or start your own blog and website very easily, you can create your website by just using free themes and free plugins.

What is localhost

The environment created locally is localhost it means if a program is running in your computer that means it is localhost if you running a web Browser for Local web development then your computer is localhost.

In simple terms, you can also call the localhost as “this computer” but remember this computer applies for the program not for the computer you are using physically.

Why install WordPress in localhost

Localhost is used for development and testing purposes, the main reason to install WordPress on localhost because it’s always recommended to create a local environment for testing new website codes WordPress themes and plugins before using it on the live website.

It’s always recommended for developers to test codes on the localhost before testing it on the live website create a local environment to test your themes and plugins before using it on the live website.

Which software is used to install WordPress in localhost

There are mostly 2 software is used to create a local environment for installing WordPress on localhost, you all have heard about WAMP and Xamp servers, these are the free software which is used to create localhost.

Xamp is used by most of the windows users because it is very light and fast but Wamp is supported by both the operating system and it is mostly used for how to install WordPress in the localhost.

In this post, we are using the “Wamp” server to install WordPress on localhost.

How to install WordPress in localhost using Wamp

What Wamp means

W- Windows
A- Apache

Wamp is a bundle of software required to create a localhost server in fact more than 90% of servers are running on Apache with PHP my SQL.

The first step of setting up your localhost

How to install WordPress on localhost

The first thing you need is a Wamp server software bundle which you can download from Wamp server official website then click on download now, you can download the Wamp server according to your machine Wamp server 64 bit or Wamp server 32 bit.

How to install WordPress on localhost

Step 1: Download and install Wamp server

Visit the official website of Wamp Server then you will see two versions of Wamp 64 Bit and 32 bit, download it depending on your local machine version.

After Downloading the software bundle install it as any other software installed. After installing open Wamp server and make sure Wamp server status is running And your Wamp server icon turns Green in the taskbar.

Step 2: Download WordPress

How to install WordPress on localhost

Now it’s time to download WordPress, you can download any version you want from WordPress official website

Extract or unzip downloaded WordPress folder and copy it.

Step 3: Deploying WordPress to Wamp folder

How to install WordPress on localhost

Now Navigate to the drive where you have installed your Wamp or you can also search by folder name it can be simply Wamp, Wamp 64, or Wamp 32 depending on your local machine.

Now paste WordPress folder which you have extracted, to a folder in Wamp named “www”.

Step 4: Start your services

How to install WordPress on localhost

Launch your Wamp server software and then wait for few seconds to start all services until the Wamp icon in Taskbar turns “Green”.

When the icon turns green then time to create my SQL database in the PhpMyAdmin option you can also create directly from the web browser by “localhost” in the URL box.

Step 5: Create a database

How to install WordPress on localhost

Now open PhpMyAdmin from Taskbar Wamp icon or you can also open PhpMyAdmin direct from the web browser “localhost\PhpMyAdmin”.

If you haven’t set your username and password then default username is “root” and password is blank so keep it “empty” now click on go.

Now Navigate to create database enter your database name “WordPress” is recommended and click on create.

Step 6: Installing WordPress on Wamp

How to install WordPress on localhost

After starting all services and creating database now it’s time to install WordPress

Open “localhost/wordpress” on your web browser and make sure your wordpress folder named “WordPress”.

Then you will ask to choose your preferred language and click to continue.

Now you will be asked for a few credentials before installing WordPress like database name and password.

How to install WordPress on localhost

Enter your database name which you have been created on PhpMyAdmin and in username enter “root” if you have not changed your PhpMyAdmin username and password.

Keep the password “empty” as shown in the image and in database host and table prefix keep it and unchanged and hit on the submit button.

How to install WordPress on localhost

Now Run installation and enter your site title and username whatever you want after that install WordPress.

Step 7: Check installation

Now after that your installation of WordPress in localhost is completed now you can check your WordPress is installed or not by URL “localhost/wordpress/lohin.php”.

Congrats now you have been successfully installed WordPress on your localhost using Wamp server now you can start testing new plugins and themes.


using localhost environment for testing new code is very helpful and it will also help you to explore WordPress more using this you can also create an offline website, in this post, we have explained about how to install WordPress in localhost if you still have any problem feel free to ask.


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