How to Reset a Samsung Tablet

How to Reset a Samsung Tablet

You want to present your friends or family with a used Samsung tablet. Or perhaps you want to sell it and use the proceeds to buy one of the top Android tablets available? To fully erase all of your stored data, you must first conduct a factory reset on the tablet. Simply follow our helpful step-by-step instructions if you don’t want to fumble around in the settings and miss something crucial.

When should you reset your Samsung tablet?

Other than selling or giving it to your friends or family, there are a variety of situations in which you should think about resetting your Galaxy tablet. You can conduct a hard reset on your Samsung tablet if it is especially old and operating very slowly to see if performance will improve. You might try a few of these suggestions to make your slow Android device faster. Similarly, if the tablet is acting strangely and you’ve tried everything else to fix it, As a last option, you can try a factory reset.

It is advised that you reset your Samsung tablet before signing in with your Google account if you are purchasing it used from eBay or another marketplace. This will guarantee that the tablet is free of malicious applications that can steal or snoop on your private information. If you are receiving a tablet from friends or family, you should reset it to ensure no old data is still on it.

What you should know before resetting a Samsung tablet:

A Samsung tablet will return to its factory settings when it is reset. You will need to completely reinstall the device after all your data, and connected accounts have been deleted. Therefore, make sure to back up your Android tablet first.

You may make a backup on your computer using Samsung’s Smart Switch software.
Your Samsung device will not return to a previous build after a factory reset. The most recent firmware installation will be retained. The bootloader or Android version cannot be restored using this approach.
Your device’s warranty will not be affected by this method.

You cannot fix any hardware issues you are having with a factory reset.
Before a factory reset, your Samsung tablet must have at least 10% battery remaining. Before beginning the stages, ideally, ensure at least 50% juice.
Hard resetting and factory resetting are interchangeable terms.

You need to be aware of the Google account, and Samsung account login information in order to factory reset the device. By doing this, you may be sure that the device’s factory reset protection function is disabled and won’t interfere if you give it to a different user.

How to back up your Samsung tablet:

You may use Samsung Cloud to swiftly back up crucial device settings, home screen pages, apps, and calendar entries on the tablet. Every piece of information is saved to your Samsung account and is readily transferable to another Samsung tablet.

Launch the Settings window.
Select Accounts and backup in the scroll-down menu.
Select Back up data under Samsung Cloud.
Continue by turning on the toggles for each item you want to back up.

Select Back up now to generate a backup that is automatically synced to the cloud.
Your device would be routinely backed up if Samsung Cloud had already been configured.
A backup takes place when the device is fully charged, connected to Wi-Fi, and the screen is off.

If you want to upgrade to a newer Samsung tablet and are selling your old one, this is the best option.

How to reset your Samsung tablet:

You can destroy everything on the tablet, knowing that your data is secure in the cloud. Before you reset, it’s a good idea to remove your secure lock screen, which will also turn off factory reset protection. When you input your password in the steps below, this security feature that prevents a thief from using your device should be turned off. Even so, it will take a few more taps to ensure the gadget can still be used after being sold or given away. Now that’s finished, it’s time to restart.

Launch the Settings window.
Select General management as you descend.
Press Reset.
The menu that appears lets you choose Factory data to reset.
If you are experiencing some system problems but do not want to perform a complete reset,You can choose to Reset all settings or Reset network settings.

There will be a list of all the information that will be deleted and the accounts that will be disconnected.
Tap Reset to continue doing so.
Tap Delete all to confirm your choice.
Enter the device’s unlock pattern or password to verify your identity when prompted.
As a last validation step, you must enter the Samsung account password.

Your Samsung tablet is about to restart and reset. You’ll then be confronted with the basic setup procedure once more. Check out the top Android tablet apps designed specifically for the large screen if you are upgrading to a new Android tablet.


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