Must-have Free Tools For Windows 11

Must-have Free Tools For Windows 11

Although Windows 11 is getting a feature upgrade this year, it is still far from being the best Windows operating system. Fortunately, a tonne of applications helps Windows 11’s shortcomings be filled. Additionally, some programs enhance every aspect of Windows, from entertainment to system upkeep.

Finding the most useful programs and tools might be difficult because so many free tools are available for Windows. Therefore, allow me to introduce our wide range of free applications and utilities to you, which range from security software to music and video apps.

Note: You can search for the supplied app in the Microsoft Store if you encounter an error message like “Not Available for bots to index” for one of the apps listed below.


The file archiver 7-Zip is open-source and free and supports a wide variety of compression formats. It is frequently utilized to extract and compress files.

Adobe Express:

You may convert videos, photographs, and other files with the simple-to-use program Adobe Express to view them on all of your devices. File transfers can also be done using it.

Adobe Lightroom:

A popular option for photographers, Adobe Lightroom, is a free, strong photo editing tool that enables you to import, organize, and edit photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

On Windows 11, Adobe Photoshop Express is a potent collage builder and picture editor that is free to use. It makes editing and sharing photographs simple.

Advanced SystemCare:

With the help of Advanced SystemCare, you can clean, optimize, repair, and safeguard your system from various issues.

Any DVD:

A freeware Windows program called Any DVD can extract data from a DVD. You can save the files wherever on your computer after it has copied the audio and video tracks from a DVD disc.

Aomei Backupper:

Aomei Backupper is a free Windows backup program. You may schedule routine backups and create backups of your system, partitions, and discs.

Bitdefender Antivirus:

Bitdefender Antivirus is a free program that offers online scanning capabilities in addition to antivirus protection. A firewall and antispam features are also included.


A free and open-source password manager is Bitwarden. It is a tool that lets you sync your notes, passwords, and other data across your devices.


Another free program you may use to learn more about your computer’s hardware, including its motherboard, processor, memory, and storage is CPU-Z.


Discord is a free program that combines voice and text chat, quick, and safe for gamers. It’s ideal for communicating with teammates and checking out online players, among other things.

Dolby Access:

Various audio plug-ins, including Dolby Surround Sound, Dolby Volume Normalization, and more, are accessible through Dolby Access.


EarTrumpet is a utility that gives you professional-level control over the audio on your system by letting you adjust the volume for specific apps and audio sources.


A programmable clock for Windows 11 is ElevenClock. The clock on the Windows Taskbar can be replaced or added with a custom clock.

ESET Internet Security:

ESET Internet Security is a trustworthy and potent protection program that guards your computer against viruses and Trojan horses, among other threats.


A cloud-based note-taking and archiving program are Evernote. You can write, arrange, and save notes using it. It works with a variety of gadgets.


To make it easier on your eyes, f.lux adaptively changes the hue of the computer screen. It is intended to help you sleep better even after a long day of work.


FeedLab is a cutting-edge fusion of content development, social media marketing, and personal analytics. When utilized together, these three components are more beneficial.

File Viewer Plus:

Windows has a straightforward and user-friendly file viewer called File Viewer Plus. Any file, including audio, video, documents, and more, can be opened with it.


You may design and edit your own personal magazines using the content curation software Flipboard. There are many categories and subjects to choose from.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free, open-source picture editor. For picture authoring, composition, and photo retouching, it is employed.

GOM Player:

A free media player with extensive file format support is called GOM Player. It can play audio and video files in the following formats: AVI, MKV, MP3, MP4, and WMV.

Google Drive:

You can store and access files using the cloud storage service Google Drive. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more may be created and shared.


Using the online grammar checker Grammarly, you can verify your writing for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation issues.

Ibis Paint:

On Windows 11, the popular drawing program ibis Paint provides thousands of drawing components and tools for producing stunning images and digital art.

iHeart Radio:

A radio program called iHeart Radio lets you listen to both live and recorded music. More than 1,000 live radio stations can be found there.


A cross-platform office suite that is free and open source is called LibreOffice. You can use it to view and modify presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

Lively Wallpaper:

With the help of the Lively Wallpaper app, you may download and set beautiful wallpapers on your device. More than two million photos are included.


Facebook offers a messaging program called Messenger. You can use it to make voice and video calls, send messages to large groups of people, and chat with family and friends.

Winaero Tweaker:
Winaero Tweaker is a free Windows 11 modification tool that lets you change how Windows functions, appears and behaves.

WPS Office:

You may create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with the help of WPS Office, a free, cross-platform office suite.

These programs and tools enable you to accomplish wonderful things on your computer while saving you time, resolving issues, or simply making your life simpler. These apps are all free to download and use, whether you’re a strong user or a beginner who occasionally needs assistance. I sincerely hope you’ll find them useful.


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