What is mitron app? Mitron app vs TikTok


Mitron app is an Indian version of the Tik Tok app the Mitron app has crossed 50+ Lakhs download in a very short amount of time mitron app is developed by Indian developers.

Mitron app is short video online platform which allows user to create short videos for entertaining peoples by creating funny and motivation videos.

Mitron app is also known as Indian Tik Tok app because mitron app is similar to Tik Tok app and it also functions same as Tik Tok this mitron app provide a social platform where the user can share their content online and this app also provides the features like video recording video editing at the same time.

Why mitron app is a new sensation

What is mitron app? Mitron app vs TikTok


Mitro app is a new sensation because it launched a month ago and it has now more than 50+ lakhs active installation with 4.8 ratings on Google Play Store.

After the Tiktok vs YouTube controversy while Indian people boycott Tik Tok app and this app are developed by Indian developer so Indian peoples are downloading and using it if we see the initial stage of downloading then it might be competition to the Chinese app Tik Tok.

About Mitron app

What is mitron app? Mitron app vs TikTok


Mitron app is a short video content sharing app that is developed in India by mitron TV Indian company the Founder/owner’s name is shivank Agarwal he is the student of IIT Roorkee and this app is launched on 11th of April 2020.

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Mitron app is available on several platforms like Google Play stores and IOS App Store and you can also download directly from the Mitron app official website.

Mitron app is an Indian app look similar to Chinese app Tik Tok it is a short video sharing social platform made for entertaining and inspiring purposes it went viral and hits 50 + millions of downloads under a month because of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi speech where he forced for “local for vocal” which means to use of local products which is made in India.

What is mitron app? Mitron app vs TikTok


Mitron app vs Tik Tok

Tiktok has come back with a 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store after Google decided to remove the fake reviews and Google removed around 20 million fake reviews which is caused due to YouTube vs Tiktok controversy and which affected Tik Tok to fall rating from 4.7 star 21.2 star but after few days Google removed all the fake reviews and Tik Tok rating has been increased to 4.4 star.

During this time new Indian app called Mitron app has emerged with similar features on all app stores and become a new sensation.

Tiktok app has a very huge user list as it has more than 1+ billion active installations and a 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store and Mitron app has 5+ million active downloads and 4.8-star ratings on Google Play Store.

But as per the user reviews, they say that this app has lots of bugs in there app and it has not like Tiktok because Tiktok has become a huge brand with a very huge number of users and creators around the globe.


In this post, we explained about Mitron App, Similarities, and Mitron app vs TikTok, comment down your reviews.

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