What is WordPress plugin

What is Wordpress plugin

What is WordPress plugin, Plugins are the most important part of websites powered by WordPress they are very essential for building powerful websites.

WordPress plugins are the Apps that allow adding extra functionality and new features to your WordPress website, WordPress plugins are similar to mobile apps like what mobile apps do for your mobile phones, they provide extra functionality and some extra features to your WordPress website.

WordPress plugins are essentially a bit of code that plugs into your WordPress website and extend your existing functions, WordPress plugins are made for ease of use these are pre-made coded, so the user has not to worry about coding no coding knowledgeable person can also use WordPress plugins with ease.

What is WordPress plugin? How does it work?

What is WordPress plugin

WordPress plugins work as their function decided to work, WordPress plugins are written in a way by developers so that WordPress user can use their function with ease and WordPress users can use WordPress plugins without any coding knowledge.
If some of the function is not available with default WordPress then there is a plugin that can be used for the specific function, WordPress developers have uploaded more than ten thousand plugins to WordPress database which can be used for the enhancement of WordPress websites.

What is WordPress plugin can do?

WordPress plugins can add extra features to your WordPress website like it can secure your site from hacking and Spamming, some plugins can even turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning E-commerce website which can automate your orders and maintain the stock and everything you can dream of.

WordPress plugins can also help you to improve the SEO of your website which will help you to rank better in search engines and boost up your website to get more visitors, WordPress plugin can also do these things with the help of WordPress plugin like add a contact form, add paid membership to your WordPress website or create galleries and so much more.

How to find a WordPress plugin?

What is WordPress plugin

You can find a plugin which works as you want at wordpress.org for the free plugin and also you can find and install easily on WordPress admin dashboard in plugins section, where WordPress developers have added more than Ten Thousand plugins which you can use it for function and also customize it because WordPress is open-source software under licensed GPLv2 in which you can use and modify as you want.

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But if you want to use premium plugin which provides premium features and functionality to your WordPress website then you can also purchase it from premium plugin providers like “codecanyon” or other providers in premium plugin they also provide you regular support and updates.

Difference between free and premium WordPress plugins.

What is WordPress plugin

You must be worried about what are the differences between free and paid plugins, there are slight differences between free and paid plugin, some of them are same functions with some extra feature in the premium plugin and you can customize both free and premium plugin as what you wanted to create, premium plugin authors provide you regular updates and support regarding your plugin because you are paying for that but free WordPress plugins don’t because there are more than ten thousand plugins are there in WordPress directory which are available free to use and modify.

There are more than ten thousands of free plugin and are uploaded on WordPress database and you need a little bit of research that you can find a free plugin with the same function and features, so if there are plugins were available with the same functionality and if it works for you then use free plugins, but you must keep in mind the free plugins has no promise of support and plugin author can stop these plugin anytime they want, if you think you need lots of support and regular updates then your must go for the paid plugins.

The official WordPress plugins directory and one of the best place to get WordPress plugins free here https://wordpress.org/plugins.

A large directory of premium paid plugin for WordPress is available at https://codecanyon.net, it is one of the largest paid plugins providers.

How to change or upload WordPress plugins?

you can change or upload a WordPress plugin very easily from WordPress dashboard from the plugins section you can find and install WordPress database plugins you can search plugins from plugins search box by typing plugin name or functionality you want to use.
Also you can upload a plugin from WordPress admin panel by clicking on the upload button or you can directly upload to the directory in WordPress folder.

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Conclusion :

In this post, we explained in detail “What is WordPress plugin” and their Function and how to choose and use them hope you understand everything if not then drop a comment and we will respond as soon as possible.



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